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Alagant Tech | Building a Legacy

Experienced Industry Leaders

  • Exceptional executive team with over 450 won bids worth $7Bn
  • Managed some of the largest contracts in the industry, such as $200M FDA contract
  • Our Chairman led companies up to 2Bn in size
  • Cumulative win rate across principles is 40%
  • Significant multimillion dollar investment funding

Our Mission

Improve Government's service to society through leading edge high productivity systems solutions.  

"We want our clients and partners to be not just satisfied, but happy."

-Eli Liang
CEO, Alagant

A Brief Message from Alagant's CEO, Eli Liang


At Alagant, we design, create, and integrate systems and business applications with a focus on providing the biggest return on investment from the smallest seed of an idea. A nimble, solution-driven company, Alagant seeks to embody the American spirit of success, diversity, and progress. Our purpose is to offer intelligent business and technology solutions to our clients to build a legacy of trust, respect, and service to our community.

Software and Application Development

Systems Design and Engineering

Management and Operations Support

Engineering Services

Consulting and Administration

Human Resources

Process and Logistics Consulting Services

Management Consulting Services

Technical Consulting Services

Bringing Progress to Civilian and Government Projects

Serving our clients with trust, service, and innovation, Alagant is committed to communicating our values on every solution.



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